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  • Apr 04, 2010
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A curatorial project by Carrie Gates, Unslumber is an evening of live electronic audio and video performance art, on Saturday, April 3, 2010.

The evening featured the following “Acts” and performers.

Act 1: Night of the Bloody Transplant (mrghosty, Jon Vaughn, Jeff Morton)

Act 2: Barbicide (David LaRiviere, Mark Lowe, Ernie Dubanowsky, Ryan Hill)

Act 3: The Aristotle Theme (Beatrice Moensch, Jesse Selkirk, Mark Lowe, Erin Gee)

Act 4: The Unslumber Soundcamp Ensemble

Carrie Gates’ curatorial “missive” from Unslumber:

I was excited to say the least when approached me several months ago about this unique opportunity to curate an audio art event for them in conjunction with AKA Gallery. We decided the focus should be on strengthening the community for performative audio art practice by inviting artists from across the province to gather and collaborate on a concert. I decided that it would be a practical and fun move to sleep over in the gallery in tents so that we could work as late as we wanted and have more time to get to know one another’s concepts and techniques. I write to yo now from the middle of a circle of tables and tents and mountains of gear, thrilled to present the work we have created together over the last 24 hours.


Tonight’s program includes three performances by groups that formed during the sleepover, and one group jam where everyone will be conducted by Jeff Morton, using a graphic score that the group collaboratively wrote during the sleepover. Before forming into groups, all of the artists did presentations on their work before jamming together for hours and discussing the concepts we wanted to explore at this concert.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you a diverse spectrum of sounds and sights from some of the Prairie’s finest audiovisual performers.


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