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  • May 26, 2011
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Catherine Béchard and Sabin Hudon
May 6 – June 17, 2011
Opening reception: May 6 at 8pm

Catherine Béchard and Sabin Hudon work in the fields of sculpture, kinetic installations, audio art, electronic art and performance. The exhibition will feature their multi-media installation The Circulation of Fluids, made up of 16 paper horns of various sizes mounted to a wooden structure by intersecting stems, multiplying perspectives and horizons. Each horn is equipped with a loudspeaker, an amplifier channel and an ultrasound sensor. By his movements and wanderings throughout the space, the visitor activates and shapes the various subaqueous modulations captured by hydrophones (waterproof microphones). The installation establishes a sphere of reciprocal action between the work and its audience, enmeshing the viewer/listener in a multi-sensory feedback loop.

Read audio / installation artist Ellen Moffat‘s responsive essay to this work here.

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