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Street Meet Featured Artworks


Concrete Slab, by Corey Bulpitt

Concrete Slab

Located on the back wall of aka gallery, “The Concrete Slab” was initially conceived of as a rotating space for commissioned graffiti art.  Now that we’ve commissioned Haida graffiti artist Corey Bulpitt currently featured in the nationally touring “Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture”, we’re pretty sure we’ll keep it as he leaves it!  Corey plans to produce a pod or group of killer whales using bright colors on a black wall.  Learn more about Corey here.

Thanks to Art Placement for sponsoring spray paint and caps.



Liquid Bacon, by David LaRiviereLiquid Bacon

The Texaco gas station sign located in Riversdale, Saskatoon has long been wiped clean, it’s iconic logo removed leaving behind nothing but a flat, blank, white, double-sided circular surface.  With the installation of local public artist David LaRiviere’s work, Liquid Bacon, the sign will now refer to an absurd, fiction multinational conglomerate corporation that specializes in “mind control foods.” Entitled “mkultra-foods” after the defunct CIA mind-control program of the same era, and featuring the signature mind-control foodstuff “Liquid Bacon,” part of a larger project that David has been developing since 2006.

For more of David’s work see this site.



Sugar Bomb, by Shelley Miller

Image courtesy CCCA and Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

Image courtesy CCCA and Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

 Shelley Miller works with a distinctive personal brand of tagging using edible icing to adorn city walls with ornate scrolls and decorative motifs.  For Street Meet, Miller will be using the moniker “Shell”, a shortened version of her name, plus a reference to the shell motif, used extensively in the decorative arts and architectural ornamentation throughout history.  Her piped sugar tag will be a palimpsest of shell designs and calligraphic scrolls, blending classical decorative motifs with contemporary edge.  Special thanks to Cakes by Jen has generously donated Shelley the tools and space to create this work.  See more of Shelley’s work here.

Thanks to Cakes by Jen for sponsoring sugar and donating space to mix the icing.


Transcending Potash, by Robyn LoveTranscending Potash

Robyn Love is a prolific yarn bomber from Newfoundland who intends to create a piece entitled Transcending Potash.  It is a site-specific, participatory project that takes Saskatoon’s temperance history as a basis for a treasure hunt which ends with a handmade tent, river water, and Saskatchewanian potash soap.  Join Robyn to discuss utopias, colonization and the ways private/public manifest!

See more of Robyn’s work here.


The Museum of New Ideas, by Andrew Milne

The Museum of New Ideas This ‘traveling-museum-van’ exhibits contemporary artworks and historical artifacts.  Explore the connections between textiles and computational relics, and climb inside Milne’s large-scale interactive camera to investigate its uncanny projections.  The van will be located at the Hollows parking lot at 2:30pm, Sunday, July 7th, but if you see it around the city during the festival, please tag it to the map where you found it!


See more of Andrew’s work here. This project is guest presented by PAVED.


Hilton Garden Inn Yarn Bombing, by Robyn Love and JenSK

Hilton Lobby Bomb

Established yarn bomber Robyn Love and emerging yarn bomber JenSK will be installing knitted works in the lobby of Saskatoon’s Hilton Garden Inn one week prior to Street Meet festival to ‘bomb’ the space. Special thanks to the Hilton for generously supporting some of our out of province feature artist’s stay in Saskatoon!






Street Meet would also like thank PAVEDSCYAP and Finding City.

Street Meet sponsors web copy




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