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  • Oct 20, 2013
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Hazel Meyer
Residency and Exhibition
October 28th to November 29th, 2013

Reception November 1st, with an artist talk at 7 PM and reception (with a special DJ performance by Hazel) to follow.

Working with the form of the suffrage and union banner–a graphic combination of image, text, scale and urgency, the exhibition Intestinal Anarchy! presents an agitated and lyrical account of how the emotional and critical mind engages the physical. Large felt banners adorned with hand-cut text and transposed doodles present moments from the ‘disorderly narratives’[1] that construct thoughts, inform politics and exist alongside the mess our bodies make. Suspended in front of looping and folding intestine and brain pattern wall drawings, the banners have as backgrounds the gut instincts and firing synapses that inform these moments- from the banal to the momentous, the baroque to the stark, all are given space to champion their idiosyncratic presence within the process.

 Hazel Meyer is an artist and sports enthusiast based in Toronto. Committed to a socially engaged and material-based practice she negotiates them primarily by creating installations that become environments for performance, collaboration, workshops and amateur athletics. She holds an MFA from OCAD University (Toronto), a BFA from Concordia University (Montréal) and is the junior correspondent for the Ponytail Express sports broadcast. Recent exhibitions include No Theory No Cry at Art Metropole (Toronto), Schlaegermusik with Annesley Black for Zukunftsmusik (Stuttgart), Walls to the Ball at La Centrale (Montréal), All Hands on the Archive : An Audience of Enablers Cannot Fail, with Logan MacDonald at F.A.G. (Toronto), and flex your textile, John Conelley presents (New York).

You can see some images from Hazel’s artist talk and the opening reception, as well as some documentation of the site specific installation, here.




[1] The New Inquiry,

aka artist run

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