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  • Apr 27, 2010
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Giving Up The Ghost by Amy Lockhart

April 23rd to June 4th 2010

Amy Lockhart’s work embraces the processes, materials and aesthetics usually associated with low culture, (read popular culture) appreciating their accessibility, pervasiveness and lack of pretension. Lockhart balances an interest in the visual language of graphic arts: comics, cartoons, signage, with a critical eye towards the use of mass media to enforce a shared fantasy of what is real. Lockhart’s work functions as an expression of her own idiosyncratic view of the world, and by extension, highlights the power of the individual to define their reality, rather than having one imposed upon them. Give Up The Ghost exhibition will include paintings, paper sculptures and a small cardboard installation, which houses the recent animation “The Collagist” created in collaboration with artist Marc Bell. On Saturday, April 24th, the artist will host a collaborative animation workshop at AKA Gallery.

Amy Lockhart’s work has been featured in national and international exhibitions, screenings and publications for over a decade. Her most recent solo exhibition was held at La Centrale Gallerie, Powerhouse, Montreal, PQ. She very recently relocated to London, ON from Montreal.



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