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  • Sep 03, 2019
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Sarah Houle, Warpaint, 2006.

Billboard project by Sarah Houle
September 9 to October 26, 2019

Houle’s photographic series, The Girls follows her nieces as they grow. She captures the everyday, elevating the importance of family through the documentation of love, intimacy and family. The mundanity of the images demystifies contemporary Indigeneity, debunking stereotypes and rebuking the colonial expectations of performing Indigeneity. Centering family, Houle’s work showcases the resiliency present in everyday Indigenous life.


Sarah Houle is a multidisciplinary, Métis artist based in Calgary, AB from the Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement in Northern Alberta. Her work is autobiographical with an interest in technology, fantasy, and craft. Cultural identity in the age of digital technology is important in her work, as elements of physical and digital space come together to conjure nostalgic imagery. Modern day fantastical legends express the artists social commentary on identity from the perspective of Métis culture and heritage.

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