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Kyle Zurevinski, vVIBEZz, Digital print, 2016.


Simon Fuh, Todd Gronsdahl, Andie Palynchuk, Gerry Potié, Colby Richardson, Yonina Rollack, David Stonhouse, Kyle Zurevinski

Curated by Derek Sandbeck, organized in partnership with OSAC
Toured through OSAC’s Arts on the Move Program

Surveying diverse emerging practices across Saskatchewan, Futures brings together Simon Fuh (Regina/Toronto), Todd Gronsdahl (Saskatoon), Andie Palynchuk (Saskatoon), Gerry Potié (Saskatoon), Colby Richardson (Regina/Winnipeg), Yonina Rollack (Saskatoon), David Stonhouse (Saskatoon) and Kyle Zurevinski (Saskatoon).  The presentation of these artists together examines the past to create real and imagined futures. Creating new from the anterior.

Each artist explores the theme through varied means; Fuh, Palynchuk, Potié and Rollack utilize introspection as an origin point for their practices. Considering childhood and personal histories to create other worlds; storytelling and constructing future realities to explore the self. Richardson and Zurevinski investigate out-dated technologies and their contemporary function and place; creating work by referencing and manipulating the past to instigate unfamiliar ideas and potentials for the antiquated. Gronsdahl and Stonhouse look to history to inform and direct their work. Gronsdahl creates myths and future narratives from official histories, while Stonhouse makes reference to the canon of painting and utilizes materials to experiment and challenge the medium.
Through these individual approaches a strong aesthetic parallel emerges fashioned from colour, pattern and whimsy. Minimalist and lavish imagery coalesce in divergent depictions of personal, mythological and technological futures.

Derek Sandbeck


Tour Schedule
May 1 to June 27, 2017 – Battlefords’ Allied Arts Council – Chapel Gallery
September 1 to September 23, 2017 – Melville Arts Council – Gallery Works and the Third Dimension
November 1 to December 23, 2017 – Station Arts Centre, Rosthern
January 1 to January 23, 2018 – Prince Albert Council for the Arts – John V. HIcks Gallery at the Prince Albert Arts Centre
February 1 to March 23, 2018 – Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre
May 1 to May 23, 2018 – Melfort Arts Council – Sherven-Smith Art Gallery
June 1 to July 23, 2018 – Yorkton Arts Council – Community pARTners Gallery



Simon Fuh

Simon Fuh is a fourth year BFA student of the University of Regina’s visual art department. He is a mixed media visual artist whose work functions as a near-fictive personal document that plays with societal notions of boyhood, manhood, and coming of age.

Todd Gronsdahl

Todd Gronsdahl is an artist from Saskatchewan working primarily in sculpture, and drawing. Through the use of humour and narrative, Gronsdahl’s work complicates official histories and legitimizing mythologies. Gronsdahl’s sculptures and drawings are charged with narrative potential. Each project emerges from invented stories and colorful characters that speak to his experience.

Andie Palynchuk

Andie Nicole Palynchuk is a Saskatchewan born visual artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from the University of Saskatchewan in 2013. She has a fruitful studio practice in Saskatoon with a primary focus in painting, drawing, and installation, creating playful worlds that incite a connection to childhood but are layered with references to the oppressive boundaries of dominant social norms. Andie is a founding member and co-director of Bridges Art Movement (BAM), as well as, the artist in residence at Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives (an organization that serves individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities).

 Gerry Potié

Gerry Potié was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Painting has been a part of his life since joining SCYAP’s Urban Canvas Project in 2010. Gerry currently works as one of SCYAP’s Aboriginal Arts Leader, and as a contract artist.

Colby Richardson

Colby Richardson is a visual artist from Regina SK, focusing largely within the realms of analog video and graphic design. His designs are a collaboration with the uncredited commercial artists of vintage print media. Collaging, layering, and abstracting pieces of graphics, patterns, textures, shapes, iconography and typefaces from late twentieth century books and magazines; Colby transforms these pieces into strange and vivid imagery heavily influenced by the aesthetics of science fiction and the occult.

Yonina Rollack

Yonina is a Saskatoon based artist currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Saskatchewan. She has a primary focus in printmaking, influenced by other artists and illustrators and how they stylize the world. Utilizing drawing as a relaxation and meditation, Rollack looks to the subconscious to develop her work beginning with a simple idea and expanding the narrative through the combination of the human and animal form.

David Stonhouse

David Stonhouse is an emerging artist from Saskatoon. David is a co-director of BAM (Bridges Art Movement Art Collective/Gallery), a program guide at Remai Modern Art Gallery, and a substitute high-school teacher. He received his BFA-Studio Art from the University of Saskatchewan in 2015. His current studio practice, based in Saskatoon, is largely focused on painting utilizing unconventional materials to experiment and push the medium.

Kyle Zurevinski

Kyle Zurevinski is a visual artist specializing in photography and new media. He is currently a student at the University of Saskatchewan perusing a major in Interactive Systems Design and minors in Digital Culture & New Media and Studio Art. He has been able to expand his understanding of traditional photography uses into a more abstract and conceptual realm, which he often uses with older or uncommon forms of technology such as instant film. His current practice has been focused on using shape and abstraction as a tool to provoke emotion and thought through the image as a whole.



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