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Josh Schwebel
March 14th, 2014 to April 17th, 2014
Opening reception March 14th @ 8 PM.
Artist’s talk: Saturday, March 15th @ 1 PM
Screening of Caché (Hidden), dir. Michael Haneke, at the Broadway Theatre: Sunday, March 30th @ 7 PM

Josh Schwebel will be presenting work produced during a three-month artist’s residency in Paris, France.The subject of this work is partially reflected in its form – it is about the secret, or what cannot be experienced – the collected pieces (slides, video, drawings and print) are also documents of an event that cannot be re-presented.

“…Of course, knowledge never ceases to butt against its own frontiers, its own limits. This movement seems to found its energy and is the principle motor of its development. The trope of the beyond: it agitates to go always further in the revelation of the hidden mechanisms of the world in an attempt to force open the doors. But there rest zones, passionate and vertiginous, that are by definition, impenetrable, unresolvable paradoxes, conceptual situations imaginable but in excess of all possible experience…”

Joshua Schwebel is a conceptual artist working through methods of public intervention, private or institutional provocation, and counterfeit insertions. He typically works outside of the expected settings for art in order to evade how these settings affect the encounter. Separated from the classification of art, Schwebel’s interventions address an incidental public, exposing the fragility at the intersection of significance and communication. Through insistent and precise repetition, these intentional discrepancies accumulate significance, producing the spectator as a coincidental interpreter of events.

You can read an interview with Josh Schwebel about his practice and ideas here and another thoughtful article about his artwork here.

Image credit: Google Street View, 2014.

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