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  • Oct 15, 2015
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Linda Muizniece:  TBA Archives Residency
October, 2015

This archival residency started in the Summer of 2015 and has now become a curatorial project. For the past few months I’ve been sorting through materials accumulated over decades of existence of this galley. I’ve separated all of the materials by medium and done some general organizing.

As I started going through thousands of slides, tapes, photos, catalogues, programming materials and plain old administrative paperwork, I came across things that I believed were quite fascinating. I uncovered postcards, thank you notes, hand written letters and artwork that no one seemed to know who it belonged to or how it got there. For me that was the invisible side of a gallery, a pulse that keeps it alive. The connection between a gallery and an artist is crucial for success. So I chose to make it more visible by showing it. Everything in this show is about interaction. People have the freedom to go through slides, replace them, and view different videos and leaf through newsletters.

Despite how much is done, there is still more to do. From now on is the most important part – making all of this information accessible to the public. There are very few people who know what actually is in that archives room, I’m not even sure I’m one of those people because there is so much I still keep uncovering. Within a year hopefully everyone will be able to find out what is in there.

 Linda Muizniece

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Linda Muizniece is originally from Latvia and has lived in Saskatoon for the past two years as a Fine Arts student at University of Saskatchewan. As a photography major she is passionate about all forms of art, travel, literature and people. This combination has resulted in the main focus of her practice being dedicated to human rights and exploring the relationships that exist between people in a society and on an individual level. Muizniece has been the Archives Resident at AKA since June 2015.


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