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  • PUBLISHED on June 26, 2019

Billboard Project by Catherine Blackburn Hamilton Artists Inc. Co-presented by AKA, Hamilton Artists Inc., and PAVED Arts June 3, 2019 – May 24, 2020 Catherine Blackburn’s photographic installation on The Inc.’s exterior Cannon Project Wall, Narhî Wasagabiich, celebrates traditional Indigenous garment-making and adorning, practices that express women’s care for their families and communities. Reinventing beadwork techniques she […]

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  • PUBLISHED on June 18, 2019

Billboard project by Meghan Price AKA/PAVED Billboard space Co-presented by AKA, Hamilton Artists Inc., and PAVED Arts July through August 2019 Price’s New Balance series features pattern and waste plastics in an aggregate of image, material and structure to link human and geologic time, consumer culture and ecology. Composed of deconstructed, used athletic shoes, these […]

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  • PUBLISHED on September 07, 2018

Image courtesy of Tchiniania Productions. Billboard project by Marvin Luvualu António  September through October, 2018 My mother was a powerful woman. She was both revered and loathed. In May 2008, she was found dead in her Luanda home, an apple resting in her hand. Her name was Julienne Luvualu. The kind of name that rolled up […]

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  • PUBLISHED on June 06, 2018

Media Arts Matriarchs Billboard organized by Niki Little, Becca Taylor and #callresponse Co-presented by AKA, PAVED Arts and Wanuskewin June 13 to July 31, 2018   Media Art Matriarchs is a collective naming and feminist citation of Indigenous women-identified artists and trailblazers within film, video, audio, and new media. This billboard is a gesture of respect […]

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  • PUBLISHED on January 11, 2018

She is Spitting a Mouthful of Stars (nikâwi’s song) Billboard project with Gregory Scofield January/ February 2018 She is Spitting a Mouthful of Stars was written by award-winning Métis poet Gregory Scofield, whose aunt was murdered in 1998. The poem will be featured on AKA’s billboard space as the final project in a series of the […]

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  • PUBLISHED on September 06, 2017

A Glassiness to the Eyes Billboard by Lisa Hirmer September to November, 2017 A Glassiness to the Eyes was created during a residency with the Klondike Institute of Art in Culture in Dawson City and is based on the many stories of animal encounters told to the artist while she was there. In many of […]

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  • PUBLISHED on August 09, 2017

Marie Lannoo, Artificial Aurora, 2017   Artificial Aurora Billboard by Marie Lannoo August 2017 Activated by wind and sun and dependent upon the cycle of light throughout the day, with its multiple curves over the 50 foot expanse, Artificial Aurora reflects the colours of the spectrum onto the white billboard. Colours spill into the space above and […]

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  • PUBLISHED on April 24, 2017

Seth Fluker, Elbow River (Blueberry Hill series), 2017. Elbow River Billboard by Seth Fluker April 28 to June 27, 2017 In partnership with Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Curated by Heather Rigg A sequence of five photographs of hail ricocheting off of the Elbow River in Calgary is placed above the AKA Artist-Run Centre in Saskatoon, […]

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  • PUBLISHED on January 05, 2017

Sarah Burwash, Wind Song, 2016. (detail) Wind Song Billboard by Sarah Burwash January and February 2017 Burwash’s human landscapes appear as outlying settlements in which she is researching the realm of physical experience, including but not limited to, struggle, hard work, and failure. Casting aside emphasis on physical perfection and prescribed behaviours, these human figures […]

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  • PUBLISHED on August 23, 2016

Capsule in Bush Billboard by Mami Takahashi September and October 2016 As part of Beyond the barrier of sound and soon, of light This photograph, part of the Capsule series, sees the artist tucked within a bush, behind the crinkly reflective surface of a small capsule made of mirror film. Her body, largely obscured save for […]

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